Get connected and enlarge your networking circle.

Messaging & Video Conferencing

Stay in touch with others on our platform. Whether you’re working on a project or simply want to catch up with your connections; you can do it with InterJoin


Post a new project and recruit those who apply and/or request to be part of an existing one. We want your ideas to be executed & brought to life with the right team.

Service Exchange

Our AI matching system will filter a separate section for this feature. Utilize your skill sets to the best of your abilities and exchange services with other users, cash free.


Want to learn more about something? We probably have a community for it. Join a topic specific community or apply to be community leader for the week. Community leaders make a percentage of the revenue generated during their designated leader time.


Our enhanced user access membership. Increased visibility, increased interaction, uncharted user experience. Sign-up now and get 3 months free of charge.

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Executive Committee
Omar El Dokani - Founder & CEO
Andris Akmentins - COO
Taoufik Bouaraar - Head of Design
Kushtrim Bytyqi - Head of Development
Alexandra Esmoris - External Legal Counsel
Investor Relations
For any investment related inquiries, contact [email protected]