InterJoin is a networking platform. We also give you the option to hire someone or get hired yourself. We aim to group all your professional needs on one platform.

You can sign up now via our sign up button on the top right! Get 3 months of free InterJoin+ if you do so before our official launch.

We’ve also got a countdown page! Our platform will be launched to the general public once we have gathered enough users to give them the smoothest experience.

InterJoin+ is our enhanced access subscription. You can access a wide variety of benefits such as increased platform visibility, free account accreditation (like a verified tick), unlimited access & so much more.

InterJoin+ is something we encourage our users to take part in to enhance their experience on the platform. With that said, we wanted to make it affordable in comparison to our competitors. We’ve priced it at $19.99 per calendar month.

InterJoin does not sell, advertise or expose the data that’s given to us. We pride ourselves on complete transparency with our users, so you know exactly what’s going on at all times.

We simply collect the data that you give to us. We do not collect data without your permission or prior consent beforehand. In case of any changes, the user is always notified beforehand.

Do you have any ideas or projects that need execution? Post a project with its requirements and allow users matching your criteria to apply for roles available. You can then begin your selection process. Let the talent come to you!

Service Exchange is one of our leading USP’s. Our AI matches you with users you want to hire, and those who simultaneously are interested in your skill set. You can then exchange services, absolutely cash free. This is all regulated by the platform so you can be assured of quality standards.

Users can apply for accreditation. This means they will be tested by us to verify their skills inputted are correct and up to the standard specified. A verification badge will appear next to them so you can be assured of the talent quality. As well as this, we’ve implemented starred ratings and reviews so you can have a look through their previous engagements with other users.

We have topic specific communities on our platform. They vary from almost any topic or expertise you can think of. A community lead will be appointed every fortnight from our users who apply. If you are selected, you are expected to share your expertise and knowledge with the community, as-well as answer as many questions or queries the members may have.

The community lead will receive 5% of the revenue generated from the joining fees during their tenancy. The more users join during your time as lead, the more you earn.

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Executive Committee
Omar El Dokani - Founder & CEO
Andris Akmentins - COO
Taoufik Bouaraar - Head of Design
Kushtrim Bytyqi - Head of Development
Alexandra Esmoris - External Legal Counsel
Investor Relations
For any investment related inquiries, contact [email protected]