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Exchanges Services, Cash Free.

Our AI Matching system will filter your search results based on 3 criteria’s. One of them will enable you to opt into a service exchange transaction, with the agreement of both parties. This is a great alternative when looking to kickstart projects and/or cut back on spending in as many areas as possible. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go around looking for suitable people, we do it for you. Welcome to the new era of networking!

Communities like you’ve never experienced.

Really interested in something? We’ve got a community for it. Join your topic specific communities and get in touch with people in your field, to grow or share your expertise. We also have community leaders every week. You can apply to become a community leader if you believe you can share valuable info with your members. If you are selected, you earn a share of the revenue generated!

Have all your professional needs on one platform.

With InterJoin, you are able to hire a freelancer or get hired yourself. This is done with complete transparency and visibility, so you know exactly who you’re working with, before you work with them.

It doesn’t end there. You have full access to our exclusive networking tools. From video conferencing to simple messaging, you’ll be able to interact with your connections on the platform no matter the time, place or purpose. We pride ourselves in being the only platform to combine your freelancing needs with your connectivity desires.

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Omar El Dokani - Founder & CEO
Andris Akmentins - COO
Taoufik Bouaraar - Head of Design
Kushtrim Bytyqi - Head of Development
Alexandra Esmoris - External Legal Counsel
Investor Relations
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